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Thieves Market Antique & Handmade Flea is looking for the best antique, vintage 25 years and older, funky, handmade and cool cast offs for our shoppers, their homes and their gardens. We love furniture pieces, garden sculptures, vintage clothing, architectural salvage, industrial goods, books, collectibles, and oddities. This is not a "crafts" show, generally speaking, crafts and especially holiday crafts, don't do as well as they might at another venue.

We do not accept service representatives, distributors of a product or new product vendors.
Keep in mind that shoppers are looking for things they can't get in the mall, and at prices they don't have to compete for on ebay. Your success depends on you, your product and your prices.

We suggest you visit the market a time or two before signing up. Ask the vendors some questions to see if your stuff would be a hit.

If this sounds good to you:

(1) Read the Rules and Regulations BY CLICKING HERE

(2) Fill out the Vendor Form at left.

Pay by using PayPal. It will pop up after you submit your application. Your application will not reach us without payment.


Fax: 800.846.8552

$35 8.5x18 Space

THE BIG HEAPVintage & Handmade FestivalScottsdale, AZ

November 20-22, 2015
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